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Jim2 Business Engine is the core product in our line of business software. Although Jim2 Business Engine includes a full accounting back end, its primary focus is to provide a front-end interface to manage business workflow, business processes, and to provide a quality system framework.

Most established business software applications are primarily developed to produce a set of financial records, and do not focus on how businesses created that result. There is a void from these products to focus on and manage the process with real data, and not just watch the bottom line. In fact, they are primarily designed to inform management of a company’s financial condition long after it has conducted its business.

In contrast, Jim2 Business Engine adopts a business perspective on workflow processes, managing, tracking, and controlling the inputs that drive the financial result. Jim2 Business Engine then goes on to produce a set of financial records.

Jim2 Business Engine represents a substantial move away from running a medium-sized business using standard accounting software.

Happen Business Pty Limited is a subsidiary of Jonas Software AUS Pty Ltd.

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