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Workwear Suppliers, PPE, Corporate Uniform

Streamline your business to be ultra organised and efficient with Jim2 Business Engine.

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Connect all areas of your business

Improve your business workflows and efficiencies across your entire operation.  Jim2 will scale with you and can manage thousands of workwear, apparel and PPE product lines and SKU’s.

You can view levels and locations for all products in real-time and can also easily manage your internal and external decoration processes, helping you to speed up what can be a lengthy process with accuracy and precision.

Jim2 ERP software for workwear uniforms apparel

Streamline Sales Processes

Order processing can be lengthy and prone to human error if it is manual. Jim2  will automate your processes and enable you to track orders at every step.

It will also pull in all your sales channels, including your trade counter, telephone and eCommerce. Bring together all your departments, including management, stock control, order processing, finance and accounting.

Key Features

Data Flows From End to End

Ensure seamless quote-to-order transition, preventing missed details. Gain insights through analysis and reports.

Comprehensive Inventory Management

Efficiently calculate stock quantity and pricing using real-time data providing correct margins and customer specific pricing.

Stock Procurement

Automatically create purchase orders and stock transfers needed to meet your requirements based on quotes and orders.

Sell Online With Ease

Offer customers a branded web portal experience 24/7. Gain the ability to process bulk orders that check current stock availability to fulfil the order.

Integrate Till Operations and Electronic Payments

Take different types of payments and POS that make till reconciliations easy. Customers can pay invoices from within their own account and see statements in the web portal.

See Email Correspondence

Integrated email helps you find all correspondence in one place. See emails to a vendor linked to the purchase order and customer emails tied to their sales order and prospects.

Capture Your Landed Costs

Jim2's workflow enables duty, freight and handling costs to be captured in your calculation of COGS. Report on which products are more cost effective to order based on their history.

Create Batch Invoices to Customers

Group your invoices by customer, shipping address, project to simplify the invoices received and see payment sooner. Batch invoices can lead to part payments to boost your cashflow.

See Our Customer’s Integrated Online Stores

Without doubt, being a totally sales-driven business in every sense of the word, the reporting available in Jim2 has been extremely important to our sales people, and has been a huge difference to our business.

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