Jim2.Cloud or Jim2 On Premises

Wondering what the difference is between our cloud and on premises solutions?

What is Jim2.Cloud?

Jim2.Cloud gives your staff the flexibility to log in anywhere with internet access.

Your subscription combines software user licensing, Microsoft SQL licensing, daily geo-replicated backups of your data, performance monitoring, and maintenance (including software upgrades) managed by Happen Business.

The monthly user subscription also includes access using Jim2 Mobile, ensuring your team has an outstanding Jim2 experience in the office and onsite.

Expanding into new territories or taking on new staff? Our monthly subscription offers customers the flexibility to add additional user access for new staff as the business grows.

What is Jim2 On Premises?

Perfect for businesses that have already invested in their own IT infrastructure (including Microsoft SQL licensing) and its ongoing maintenance.

Jim2 On Premises gives customers a strong backend system to underpin their team’s performance that is easy to integrate into your IT department’s management practices.

We provide complete access to the latest new features to Jim2 Business Engine and the technical documentation to get you started, ready for your IT team to upgrade and manage backups as you please.

Staff can also log in to Jim2 Mobile app onsite with customers and potential new sales, meaning your data reflects real-time updates.

Which option is best for your business?

The one that suits you best!

Whether you opt for our cloud or your server, Jim2 serves up the same software functionality regardless of the platform you choose. It’s the management of Jim2 that’s unique to each solution, and we cater to both management styles.

Which edition is right for you?

Once you’ve decided if Jim2’s Cloud or On Premises solution is the one for you, it’s the perfect time to decide what functionality you will need? Check out our editions to find the one with the functionality your business will need.

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