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Manufacturing & Engineering

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How we help Manufacturing and Engineering businesses

We’re here to help save you time, bring accuracy into your day-to-day workflows, and help take your business anywhere so you can work on the go.

Jim2 is an incredibly flexible system that can grow with your business and help you adapt to a new way of working. It’s been geared to help you manage stock, staffing, accounting, and reporting of your manufacturing and engineering business.

Geared to help you manufacture

An integrated ERP system, Jim2 incorporates workflow, job costing, accounting and business analysis, making the tracking, management and costing of every job as comprehensive and effortless as possible. Jim2’s job management software is the key to improving the financial success of your business.

Key Features

Outstanding Visibility Over All Jobs Progress

Assign jobs to staff, see exactly what stage each job is at, and have the flexibility to open multiple jobs at once.

Seamless Flow Of Data

Easily track from quote to order, to specific product ordering, delivery and invoicing.

Dive Into The Finer Details

See what raw materials, parts, labour, tests and checks are required to get the job done.

Deliver Great Customer Service Every Visit

Have all job notes and related email exchanges at your fingertips so that you can help on the spot.

Report Your Progress In Real Time

Call on job costing, profitability, job profit, labour daily and actual time reporting at any time.

Build New Parts On Repeat

Manufacture complex parts with instructions stored in one solution.

Jim2 allows us to track our material and labour costs down to the cent, which allows us to make informed decisions that will increase productivity and profitability.

Isaac EdmistonDirector of Sales & Marketing, Norweld Australia

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