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Check out the latest updates to your Jim2 system.

Jim2 Version 4.4 Release

We’re excited to announce new enhancements that bring greater visibility and insights to our customers. Available for immediate download by sites running Jim2 On Premises Managed Services, Enterprise, or Premium Editions.

What's New to Jim2

This release features an epic list of enhancements and bonus features that make Jim2 even easier to navigate. Check out our overview and comprehensive list of additions in this release.

Version 4.4 SnapshotComplete List of What's New

Jim2 On Premises Resources

Get set to take advantage of the latest new features and enhancements to Jim2 Business Engine. Find all the information on hand to upgrade your Jim2 and start learning!

Managed Print Services Clients are systematically upgraded by Happen Support Team as there are numerous enhancements to the contract billing process. Before being upgraded by Happen, mandatory training and contract variation testing is conducted with each MPS site.

Not Ready to Upgrade?

If you’re experiencing obstacles from your hardware, MS SQL licensing or Windows versions before upgrading, our Jim2.Cloud platform is for you.

With MS SQL Licensing covered and Jim2 upgrades performed for you, take a look at the Jim2.Cloud Technical Requirements for workstations and internet access to see if Jim2.Cloud would better suit your business.

Jim2 Mobile

Download new Jim2 Mobile for Android and iPhone/iPad. Minimum requirements: Jim2 Version 4.4 or later on an Android device that runs 5.0 and up, or iPhone/iPad that runs iOS 9 or later.

Install Jim2 Mobile Video
Jim2 Online Help instructions to install Jim2 Mobile
Visit Google Play
Visit App Store
Jim2 Mobile on the App Store for Jim2 V4.3

Jim2 EFTPOS Server

V4.1 Build 69

The Jim2 EFTPOS server is required for Jim2 On Premises PC EFTPOS integration (excluding Tyro integration) and must be upgraded to Jim2 EFTPOS Server 4.1 when moving from Jim2 v4.0 to the most recent build.

For more information on Jim2 EFTPOS Integration, contact us.

Jim2 EFTPOS Integration Setup Notes
Jim2 EFTPOS Install and Update File

Jim2® eBusiness Framework (Jef)

The Jim2 eBusiness Framework is included with the Jim2 upgrade, however, you will need to separately upgrade your website if you are using the Jim2 eBusiness Framework.

Jim2 eBusiness Framework Installation Notes (eMeter Reads Setup, eBusiness Service Setup)

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