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HappenPay Payment Gateway

Take payments online? Too easy.

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What is HappenPay?

The HappenPay payment gateway facilitates clients’ secure credit card purchases, protected by 3D Secure 2.0 technology, at the Jim2Commerce Portal. Available to Australian and New Zealand businesses.

HappenPay is set to expand with new Jim2 Payments Page integration & in-store EFT terminal solutions.

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What you'll love about HappenPay!

As a merchant, protection from online fraud is paramount. HappyPay uses the latest in online security technology to help protect yourself and your users.

Your users can store credit cards in a secure vault for future purchases and optionally pay outstanding ‘OnAccount’ invoices via the Jim2Commerce portal.

Fully integrated with Jim2Commerce, gain great visibility into payments and transactions from your store.

Key Features

Ultimate Fraud Prevention

Fully PCI-DSS compliant by securely processing and storing customer credit card details as uses the latest Australian Standards.

All payment links are protected by  3DS 2.0 secure technology.

Faster Payments

Processes payments at lightning speed, with next days settlements directly into your nominated bank account.

Integration into Jim2 ensures quicker processing and bank reconciliation.

HappenPay accepts VISA, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards in addition to PayPal.

Control and Visibility

HappenPay Merchant Portal provides complete visibility into  payments and transactions.

Updated in real-time, you control access to the information and can run customised reports on demand.

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HappenPay Pricing

HappenPay and Jim2Commerce ensure your online initiatives are streamlined and secure.

  • No setup fees, monthly or yearly administration fees
  • Flat rate fee per order transaction
  • Optionally opt to pass on transaction fees to customers based on the order value

Available to Australian and New Zealand businesses.

Let's work together to grow online sales.

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