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Used in the right way, email can become a full helpdesk and service ticketing system. By turning disjointed email exchanges into organised, meaningful conversations that you can filter, track and tag you end up with an effective audit trail. Staff saves time by not needing to search for correspondence because it’s all in one place – attached to whatever transaction it’s related to.

Of course the problem is that email on its own can’t do any of that. That’s why we spent a lot of time and effort on integrating full email capabilities into Jim2. Now, emails can relate generally to a customer or a supplier, and also to a particular support ticket, quote or purchase order.

So you have not only helpdesk/ticket style functionality, but that extends to all areas of the business including service, sales, support, purchasing and accounts, effectively extending the CRM functionality. Emails can be related to multiple things at the same time, captured and stored against any transaction.

It also means that communications can be templated and easily integrated into workflow processes. Say, for example, you have common responses/answers: set up a template, Jim2 can personalise the template to that customer and file it against their particular service ticket or quote. Next time another member of staff looks up that service ticket/quote, the email and its responses are all there.

The benefits speak for themselves:

Everything is centralised
When a client phones or emails, anyone can assist them with their query. You have right there in Jim2 all the correspondence in relation to that customer and their question. All emails back and forth from any staff member to the client, attachments and answers recorded and stored against the Job, Quote or Purchase. It significantly improves processes, allowing you to become much more proactive right across the board.

Creates Transparency
You are able to determine which departments are receiving the most support requests, and that will help you to allocate your resources most effectively. You can see at a glance what needs to be done, what the status of the various issues are, and who worked on them.

Encourages collaboration
Because anyone can work on the same issue, everyone can see just exactly what’s happening, and can act on it. That’s a huge improvement in customer relations.

Removes Errors
If a team member leaves, no problem. Because anyone can see the status of any transaction, it’s easy for someone else to take over.

It’s easy to see why email is such an integral part of Jim2 – there’s no need to search, copy and paste, or worry about keeping everyone else informed. It’s all automatic!

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