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We invite you to watch the Jim2 Stock Groups Webinar, which shows how your business can use groups to help categorise in Jim2.

In this webinar we covered: 

  • The different Group types available in Jim2
  • How to segment your customer base
  • How to run reports on specific Stock Groups
  • Using Groups to organise your documents

There are 7 different Objects that you can include in groups in Jim2, and these are: 

  • CardFiles 
  • Items 
  • Stock 
  • Projects
  • Assets
  • Documents
  • Users 

 And then we have the different Group Types as follows: 

  • Report Level 
  • Non Report Level 
  • Region 
  • Brand
  • Price Group
  • Folders
  • Tags
  • Category

Groups help categorise similar information together to help you find what you need more quickly. By correctly setting up groups for your business and having a logical folder structure can mean the difference between finding the Cardfile, job, stock, project or document you are looking for now or finding it after the opportunity has passed. 

We recommend adjusting the video quality setting on YouTube to 1080p for the best viewing experience.

Useful Resources

Here is everything you need to know about managing stock types in Jim2:

Jim2 Help Resources:

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