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We invite you to watch the 12 Quick Jim2 Tips Webinar, which highlights tools and techniques to enhance your Jim2 Business Engine experience.

This exciting webinar series of customer-focused upskill webinars is available free to all Jim2 users to join. This session is targeted at beginners. We recommend adjusting the video quality setting on YouTube to 1080p for the best viewing experience.


12 Quick Jim2 Tips

Join Ashley as he looks at our best tips to jump through Jim2. Learn about:

  • Navigation Arrows to help move through Lists
  • How to Upload document from windows clipboard
  • How to See the Sales History for a client when adding stock, and Lots more!


Got a topic you’d like to see covered?

To tailor the webinar to you, please send us any questions you have about this topic and they will be discussed in the webinar.

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