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The latest version delivers extensive functionality to Managed Print Services Edition customers upgrading from Version 4.3 to Version 4.5. The following highlights the key features and enhancements for these users.

Multiple User Sessions

Each user can now open multiple Jim2 sessions of a single database without using an additional Jim2 user licence. It is a great new addition for staff to open, say, the Jim2 Scheduler on one session and have another session open to book a new job. Staff can multitask multiple updates to Jim2 that are more easily accessible. 

Jim2 Mobile on Android and iOS

Keeping your team connected is our priority. We’re excited to connect users on Google Play and the App Store in our new Jim2 Mobile V2 app. The newly styled app features a fresh new interface with new shortcuts which make it far faster to open your jobs and quotes in progress.

All users are to download the new Jim2 Mobile V2 app as the original Jim2 Mobile app (iOS only) is not supported by the latest version.

Watch How to Setup and Navigate Jim2 Mobile.


Happen EKM Integration

Jim2 Managed Print users also running Happen EKM Print Management find greater insights alongside their daily tasks. Managed Print businesses can benefit from streamlining new toner requests as Jim2 automatically creates jobs to supply toner the moment the request is received.

Contact us to find out more about Happen EKM for your business.

Contracts and Billing Engine

Add external or internal finance information to Contracts in the new Finance Tab. Businesses have the option to set up Deal Types in Tools >Setups. Contact Happen Support to discuss deal types for your business and a range of new filtering options, export options, and more for contract management.

Users will also find the familiar Jim2 V4.3-style billing engine has transitioned into Jim2 V4.5. This release includes two configurations of billing engines, a V4.3-style and the V4.4-style which you will find our support team asking when investigating new billing enquiries. It’s important to note that upon upgrading to this version, customers will retain the billing engine in place before the update (ie, customers upgrading from V4.3 to V4.5 will retain the V4.3-style billing engine).

In time, customers will shift to the V4.4-style billing engine so reach out to Happen Support about planning your contracts and billing engine upgrade.

The V4.4-style billing engine enables a range of additional functionality in Jim2, including:

  • Ability to add multiple contracts to each Asset. A great inclusion for businesses billing finance and service contracts separately or operating multiple companies from one database using our Multi-Company option.
  • Ability to see daily meter read information from Happen EKM on contracts and predicted toner levels on display in the new Preview Pane.
  • Ability to automate the billing of Master Contracts from a list.
  • Ability to view actual meter read tables in the new Insights Preview Pane.
  • Ability to capture variation history on Contracts.
  • Ability to create Assets on serialised stock from Purchase Orders in Jim2.
  • Ability to add Advanced Creditors subscription to your licence.
  • Ability to add subscription to your licence to separate ‘Next Bill Date’, ‘Actions’, and ‘Request By’ for different meter setup lines.

Customer and Stock Preview Panel

Customer and stock preview panels present real-time purchasing insights to your team. Available on CardFiles, Quotes, Jobs, and more, the new preview panel delivers a plethora of top sales insights, products and services popularity at a customer and stock level. Staff have a central point of reference to make sure each customer has a great experience at every touchpoint.

New Insights include: 

  • Customer Spend by Month/Year 
  • Last 10 Jobs by Customer
  • Most Purchased Stock by Customer
  • Currently Open Quotes by Customer
  • CardFile Report Groups and Non-Report Groups
  • Monthly Sales By Stock  
  • Stock Images 
  • Top Customers By Stock
  • Stock Report Groups and Non-Report Groups 

Bank Feeds and Settlements

New streamlined bank feed integration now matches bank transactions with customer details in Jim2. The logic built behind the scenes looks at your CardFiles, outstanding invoices, and amounts to match up who the payment belongs to, which significantly speeds up the matching process. Reconcile payments, bank interest, bank transfers, deposits, and general journals from transaction accounts and credit facilities with your financial institution. 

Functionality also extends to the settlement of payments received via payment gateways, such as Afterpay, HappenPay, eWay, Payrix, and more.

Watch the Introduction to Bank Feeds Tutorial to learn more.

Document Integration with OneDrive and SharePoint File Storage

New Jim2 Document integration with Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint File Management makes it easier to add documents to Jim2 for businesses that use Microsoft document storage tools to centrally store key business resources. This is a valuable addition to cloud and on premises customers.

User Security

Keep your data extra secure using multi-factor authentication to access Jim2 on desktop and mobile devices. Be twice as secure on who can access your Jim2 information. Quick and easy to set up, this addition can be configured on apps such as Microsoft Authenticator, Duo Authenticator, and Google Authenticator.

Watch How to Setup Multi-Factor Authentication to learn more.

Import Jobs and Orders

Import Jobs enables businesses to upload a multitude of jobs or orders at once, ready for invoicing in Jim2. This is an exciting enhancement when populating usage from third-party vendors or a list of orders to be sent to numerous shipping locations, where staff can upload the file and create Jim2 Jobs in bulk to minimise manual administration. By importing a CSV file, map columns to Jim2 fields, enter default fields and save for future use.

Prospect CardFiles

Segment customer CardFiles and prospective customer CardFiles by adopting the new Prospect CardFile Type in Tools > Options to indicate that they are not yet customers on their Jim2 CardFile. Alternatively, the name of this CardFile type can be renamed to a phase familiar to your business. Added functionality means you can now also attribute new Quotes to a Prospect CardFile and control who can access and maintain the Prospect CardFiles in Jim2.

Import Vendor Feeds

Being able to manually import your vendor stock codes with their costing straight into Jim2 via a CSV file can save your business a lot of time. Once set up correctly, a whole supplier list can be imported as virtual stock to Jim2 and will cross-reference the stock codes in Jim2, making it easy to update vendor costs right from the eBusiness tab. Select the import vendor stock prices option, map all the options to the matching fields and import this validated data straight into Jim2.

Orange play buttonWatch Introduction to Vendor Stock Feeds or book training with an experienced Jim2 Business Analyst to learn how to set up manual import vendor feeds for your business.

Applies Stock Quotes

Add procedure checklists to Quotes using Applies Stock in Jim2. Previously exclusively available on Jobs, you can now build a list of tasks to be completed on Quotes to ensure the best customer experience with your business. Staff can flag when each task is completed with a status so everyone is in the loop, and the applies stock tasks can be carried over from Quote to Job, and vice versa, as the sale or service moves through your workflow in Jim2.


Other enhancements include:

  • Returns: Ability to create returns directly from a contract invoice job or Billing History tab.
  • Lists: Ability to link a purchase order, return to vendor, or return from customer to a contract/project.
  • Return from Customer: Link non-strict RFC to contract/project.
  • Debtors PO: Ability to link a purchase order to a contract/project.
  • Purchase Orders: Import the serial number on a stock into a purchase order.
  • System Reports: New layout of all included reports, indicated by ‘[report name] V2′ when selecting reports. The reports’ colour scheme is also updated to match your Jim2 database colour scheme, giving your customers and vendors an outstanding professional presentation.
  • Dashboard Widgets: Great for keeping track of your daily tasks like new jobs today, calls to make, emails to reply to, and urgent jobs that need your attention. Create new dashboard widgets for your Published Lists and Published List Counts, in addition to traditional non-published widgets for jobs, quotes, stock, projects, and accounts lists.

The comprehensive list of all features and enhancements is available now at Jim2 Help.


Software updates are free with your active Jim2 Business Engine subscription.

Next Steps

We invite all Jim2 On Premises clients to read the Jim2 Technical Requirements (Highly Recommended) before upgrading their Jim2 database and Jim2 Mobile apps for the Latest Update. Upon updating to the latest version, customers will retain the billing engine used before the update (ie, customers upgrading from V4.3 to V4.5 will retain the V4.3 -style billing engine) in the latest release.

Jim2Cloud clients’ key contacts will be notified before our team completes the update of their database on their behalf. This process has commenced and will occur over the coming months.


We invite all users to add their feedback on the latest functionality to the Jim2 Version 4.5 and Jim2 Mobile V2 Happen UserVoice Forums. Numerous features in this release originated as ideas and feedback shared by Jim2 users so please login using your work email (featuring the business domain name) to add your experience and ideas to the forums.