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Fuji Xerox Printers and Happen Business have partnered to release the latest Jim2 MPS Connector for Fuji Xerox XPPS, which unifies your Fuji Xerox machines with leading business management software, Jim2 Business Engine.

Using the Jim2 MPS Connector, the Fuji Xerox XPPS program meter reads are automatically brought into Jim2 Business Engine MPS Edition. Once received, Jim2 creates customer billing based on the meter read information, ready for invoicing.

Save hours in administration each month by eliminating manual rekeying and errors created in the process. Simply automating the import of metet reads into Jim2, benefit from accurate and complete billing runs, which ultimately means quicker payments and better cash flow for Fuji Xerox dealers.

The Connector also supports Xerox ColorQube three-tiered billing rates.

Key benefits for your business with Jim2 Business Engine

  • Ability to track customers’ printing behaviours, measure and produce machine and meter profit reports at the individual machine level or master contract.
  • See substantial savings in administrative tasks. Automation and the centralised nature of Jim2 Business Engine streamline billing processes to eliminate rekeying, associated errors and time otherwise spent manually billing multiple customers.
  • Streamline your service workflow, enhance customer service offering, and in turn increase customer satisfaction using the Jim2 Mobile App to manage tasks in real time, and capture signatures ‘on glass’.
  • Automate meter collection, billing job creation and job management with a solution that integrates with full accounting, business analysis and reporting in the same package. Jim2’s live accounting keeps your finger on the pulse to know exactly how you’re tracking, right now.
  • Easily manage any changes to your billing with the flexibility to increase individual or tiered meters on a single machine, or in bulk across your whole MIF.

*Originally featured in Fuji Xerox Printers XPPS Partner Newsletter.

For more information on Jim2 and our Managed Print Services products, please call us on 02 9570 4696, or via our contact us page, and we’ll call you.

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