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Jim2 Lists are a key organisation tool that helps users to keep up to date with new tasks assigned to them and ultimately manage workflows between teams.

Tip 1:  How do I reorder my Jim2 navigation tree to better suit my daily tasks?

Easy! Click and drag the object headings like jobs, quotes, email, etc into an order that suits you. You will notice that the tabs across the Jim2 ribbon will also reorder to match the navigation tree.

We recommend using these at the top of your navigation tree:

  • Service team: Dashboard, Jobs, Scheduling, and Email.
  • Sales team: Quotes, Email, Scheduling, and Stock.
  • Administration: Accounts, CardFiles, Jobs, and Documents.

Lists can also be reordered using the same drag and drop action.

Check out our quick video below:


Tip 2:  How can I improve our team’s communication, and share common Jim2 lists that we all use in our day-to-day work?

While we can set up our own job, quote and purchase lists, there is an option to make a list and its filters available to other Jim2 users (such as other staff in your team) by publishing the list.

It’s an easy tool to organise lists for staff in the office and on the road using Jim2 Mobile, and it ensures tasks don’t slip through the cracks.

There is quite a lot of flexibility to publish lists to all users, teams or individual staff. We recommend that best practice is organising your staff’s user security into team groups to make workflow easier to maintain as new staff join the business.

How to publish lists to others – Jim2 Online Help Information


Here’s an example of a service team workflow to show how lists for a team can be set up. Visit the example in  Jim2 Online Help to see what filters have been used in these lists.

This user has their own pinned lists and a number of published lists, which are underlined, that have been published to them.

Various filters have been applied to build the published list and a dynamic user setting has been selected to ensure each staff see only the jobs assigned to them in their published list.

New jobs will appear in these lists as they are assigned and staff can work through their jobs and update status to the next progress milestone.


Got a question for our team?

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