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Leading Australian enterprise resource planning software developers, Happen Business proudly announce new functionality to manage promotional pricing and staff commission reconciliation in Jim2 Business Engine.

Jim2 Business Engine is a complete business management software system used by hundreds of sales, service and manufacturing companies around the world to manage every aspect of their business workflow.

The latest release, Jim2 Version 4.3, delivers exciting enhancements for staff, managers and business owners to now manage special promotions, bid and contract pricing within Jim2.

With the ability to design promotions in a multitude of ways, businesses will now be able to customise special pricing:

  • to customers of their choosing (including all customers, one or more specific customers, customer groups, specific price levels, or a project or contract),
  • for single stock items, groups of stock, and multiple quantity breaks, with specific start and end dates (including time),
  • in a specific currency and a nominated branch, which is ideal for larger sites.

Jim2 easily captures multiple promotions and helps businesses to prioritise their offers using promo breaks. This new addition also empowers businesses to manage contract pricing for specific customers and buying groups, in addition to vendor bid pricing.

New Commission Sessions help managers streamline the tracking and reconciling of staff commissions in Jim2 Business Engine, without the need to manage data in cumbersome spreadsheets. Commission can be based on jobs completed, or product sales on floor cost, percentage and/or extra per unit value formulas. They can opt to exclude stock codes like actual labour and freight that they would not otherwise include in commissions to staff.

This release also delivers the opportunity to capture the expected delivery date of vendor stock at a line level using the new Jim2 Stock Flow window. With a single view of the expected delivery date from each vendor, and the linked job’s scheduled ‘due date’, businesses can manage workflow and customer expectation to ensure jobs are finished on time to happy customers.

Jim2 Version 4.3 also includes new region-specific settings for Canadian businesses, opening Jim2 Business Engine to the North American market. It includes enhancements to support Canadian taxation requirements, date formatting, default letter paper size, and cheque banking requirements.

It’s an understatement to say that Happen Business is excited to add North American companies to the growing family of sites running Jim2. Paul Berger says, “Setting foot into a new region is a testament to how universal the need it is to have a powerful, fully integrated software behind a passionate team. Jim2 continues to elevate its users to work smarter, with really attractive software”.

At present, Jim2’s reach currently extends across Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and now Canada. Happen look forward to continuing to expand into new regions.


Existing customers have been personally invited to read the release notes and upgrade to the latest version immediately. Software upgrades are free to all users with an active subscription of Jim2 Business Engine. Businesses interested in seeing this release in action are invited to book an obligation-free online demonstration!

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