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Leading Australian ERP software developer Happen Business is proud to announce the newest software release, Jim2 Business Engine Version 4.4.

The latest release takes operational insights to the next level. It serves up real-time insights connecting sales and service staff with customer purchasing data and delivers new efficiency tools so your team can get around Jim2 much faster.

The latest version is now available to clients with a current subscription to Managed Services, Enterprise, and Premium Editions. Please note that Jim2 Managed Print Services clients are being guided through the upgrade to Jim2 Version 4.4 by our MPS Support Team as there are new enhancements to contract billing functionality.

Powerful Customer Insights Jim2 Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Customer & Stock Preview Panel

New Customer & Stock preview panels present real-time purchasing insights to your team. Available on CardFiles, Quotes, Jobs, and more, the new preview panel delivers a plethora of top sales insights, products and services popularity at a customer and stock level. Staff have a central point of reference to make sure each customer has a great experience at every touchpoint.

New Insights include: 

  • Customer Spend by Month/Year 
  • Last 10 Jobs by Customer
  • Most Purchased Stock by Customer
  • Currently Open Quotes by Customer
  • CardFile Report Groups and Non-Report Groups
  • Monthly Sales By Stock  
  • Stock Images 
  • Top Customers By Stock
  • Stock Report Groups and Non-Report Groups 

This new addition is powerful. And even better, it does not require additional setup to benefit from real-time performance insights. 

Open Multiple Jim2 Sessions

Multiple User Sessions

There’s a wealth of data in Jim2. Each user can now open multiple Jim2 sessions of a single database without using an additional Jim2 user licence.

It is a great new addition for staff to open, say, the Jim2 Scheduler on one session and have another session open to book a new job. Staff can multitask with multiple updates to Jim2 that are more easily accessible. 

Jim2 Mobile on Android & iOS

New Jim2 Mobile – now available on Android & iOS.

Keeping your team connected is our priority. We’re excited to announce that Jim2 Mobile is now on Google Play in addition to the App Store. The newly styled app features a fresh new interface with new shortcuts which make it far faster to open your jobs and quotes in progress.

Check out our guide to setting up Jim2 Mobile.

New Jim2 Bank Feeds

Bank Feeds and Settlements

New streamlined bank feed integration now matches bank transactions with customer details in Jim2. Those working with accounts will love the time savings from this new feature.

The logic built behind the scenes looks at your CardFiles, outstanding invoices, and amounts to match up who the payment belongs to, which significantly speeds up the matching process.  

Reconcile payments, bank interest, bank transfers, deposits, and general journals from transaction accounts and credit facilities with your financial institution. 

Functionality also extends to the settlement of payments received via payment gateways, such as Afterpay, eWay, Payrix, and more.

Watch the Introduction to Bank Feeds Tutorial to learn more.

New Look System Reports

Enhancements to Jim2 System Reports

Our System Reports now sport a fresh new layout. The new reports’ colour scheme also updates to match your Jim2 database colour scheme, presenting your customers and vendors with an outstanding professional presentation. 

New Jim2 Dashboard Enhancements

Enhancements to Dashboard Widgets

These are great for keeping track of your daily tasks like new jobs today, calls to make, emails to reply to, and urgent jobs that need your attention. See your daily activity snapshot among team-based activities, and instantly click on the list results to start working on tasks. 

Create new dashboard widgets for your Published Lists and Published List Counts, in addition to the traditional non-published widgets for jobs, quotes, projects, and accounts lists. 

Auto-Create Manufacturing Jobs

For those moments when the required manufactured isn’t stock on hand, Jim2 now has a new automated workflow to auto-create a manufacturing job from the sales order. 

Jim2 populates the manufacturing job including the correct bill of materials, item code, tests and checks to build the part, making it far more efficient to start building.

 Other features include: 

  • New efficiencies which make it easier to process vendor stock feeds into Jim2 from various suppliers. 
  • Functionality to always display a stock’s quantity available figure in the quote stock grid. 
  • New Bid # reference added to purchase orders.

Learn More at Jim2 Online Help


Clients running Managed Services, Enterprise, and Premium Editions are invited to upgrade today. Software updates are free to current subscriptions of Jim2 Business Engine.

We highly recommend that all clients read the Jim2 Technical Requirements and What’s New in Jim2 prior to updating your databases.

Please note all Jim2 Managed Print Services clients are being guided through the upgrade to Jim2 Version 4.4 by our MPS Support Team.

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