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We are proud to announce Happen EKM Print Software is now entirely self-healing, taking the already world-class reliability to a whole new level of performance. 

“The office printing industry continues to suffer from a series of issues caused by simple fleet monitoring tools,” said Steve Morris, CEO.  

“In recent months, some have even gone to the lengths of developing DCA Clustering & Embedded Clients, without actually addressing the fundamental issues from a technological, communications and security perspective.” 

Steve explained that most Remote Service Management (RSM) platforms typically use a basic data collection client that is installed within the end-user network environment.  However, increasingly they continue to “go dark” by losing connectivity and by-so-doing dropping business and service critical data, including meter collection information required for accurate & complete billing integrity.  

Happen EKM has built on its DCA architecture to enable clients to deliver significantly higher value at much lower operational costs, whilst using fewer resources and driving out much more wastage than other approaches.  

The self-healing functions of Happen EKM from v24 onwards include: 

  • Detection of stalled connections (internal and external) with an automatic restart of services 
  • Full integrity checking of configuration & operating parameters periodically during the day, including automatic rollback to last good backup 
  • Improved DCA status response logging to allow detailed remote diagnostics of any DCA issues 
  • DCA memory monitor logging, including host system memory and CPU usage statistics allowing remote diagnosis of host issues 

These changes will allow Happen EKM, widely known as the most secure & reliable DCA, to shift to a whole new level, ensuring that it remains 99.999% operational to ensure that data is processed consistently and reliably with zero packet loss. 

Version 24 is now available to all current Happen EKM customers, and also supports macOS and Linux including ARM-based appliances such as the Raspberry Pi.

Happen EKM is available as a standalone DCA to businesses, as well as an integration for customers using Jim2 ERP. 

For more information about how Happen EKM can streamline your Managed Print business today, visit our product page.