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It’s been a very busy year for the team at Happen Business.

We kicked off 2019 with the start of an exciting new chapter, being acquired by Jonas Software AUS. The newly formed leadership team swung quickly into gear, taking up the challenge to lead Happen into a prosperous future

While organisational change often sees new faces to management, our new leadership team continues to include very familiar characters from Happen’s close-knit culture. We have seen:

  • Steve Morris steps into the role of CEO with 4 years’ experience at Happen and 8 years prior experience as a customer;
  • John Green continues in his role as Sales & Marketing Manager with 19 years’ honourable service with Happen;
  • Duncan Stodart continue as Development Manager with 16 outstanding years’ at Happen;
  • Tony Davies continues in his role as CFO of 3 years and former customer of 14 years; and
  • We welcomed Ian Dick into the newly created role of Professional Services Manager after 16 years as Happen’s lead implementer.

We’re incredibly fortunate to have this calibre of product knowledge in management and the broader team.

During 2019, we have also had the pleasure of introducing talented new staff to our professional services and development teams, and welcomed numerous new clients from agricultural, engineering, managed print services, retail, information and communication technology arenas to our Happen family. One very exciting newcomer was our first air quality monitoring system provider. It was a pleasure meeting each of these teams, and we thank them for their hospitality over the course of their Jim2 implementations.

As we look to 2020, the buzz in the office could not be louder. Our team is very passionate about Jim. We can’t wait to roll out the many new features and initiatives coming your way, such as:

  • A new company website and user forum.
  • The upcoming release of Jim2 Version 4.4, with awesome new features such as multi-company functionality, new billing engine enhancements, contract variations and a variety of new additions that empower our customers to gain even greater efficiencies in their businesses.
  • There is even a whisper that Jim2 Mobile might make it over to Android to close out 2020! Oh me, oh my!

Delivering regular new functionality to our customers will also take a faster format moving forward. We will aim for quarterly Jim2 software updates, so get ready for a lot more coming your way.

Jim2.Cloud continues to grow from strength to strength since it’s unveiling only two years ago. New sites and existing customers moving over to cloud are taking it towards its first 1,000-user milestone. Our traditional on-premises offering also continues to gain market share across the many industry verticals we support, and there is no indication that it will slow anytime soon.

This year has been filled with new developments for Jim2, and exciting new applications of Jim2 by our diverse customers. We’re very excited to help our customers achieve their goals in the year ahead.

As always, we want to thank you for your continued support and wish you all the best over the holiday break. See you again in 2020!

From the team at Happen Business.

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