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We have so many stellar users that log in to Jim2 every day. Join us in making our software the best it can be.

We have engaged a new platform to optimise our feedback process and track, sort, and prioritise all the great ideas we receive to improve our products – it’s called Happen UserVoice Forums!

When you have an idea to improve Jim2, tell us, share it, and even vote on ideas by fellow users.

Why join in?

  • Have your say in new features and enhancements to Jim2.
  • See what ideas are currently planned for development and available at the latest release.
  • Participate in information gathering that further shapes feature development.
  • Join in beta testing prior to launch.

At the launch of Happen UserVoice Forums, we started with over 1,000 ideas available to comment on and vote on. In the first week of action, we saw Jim2 customers contribute:

  • 47 new ideas
  • 13 new comments
  • 276 new votes of support

Feedback in the forums will shape the enhancements and new features in the future development of Jim2 Business Engine and its editions, Jim2 Mobile, Happen EKM Print Management Software, and more.

So Jim2 users, we want to hear from you!

Learn how to log in and navigate the forums with the help of our training video.

Take a look at the ideas and add your own at Happen UserVoice Forums.

Participation in the forums is open to all current Jim2 Users.