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Learn about the benefits of setting up Multi-Company in Jim2


Jim2 Multi-Company enables businesses to run one database with up to 255 companies and different ABNs (all using the same base home currency).

This allows operation from one combined Jim2 database, eliminating the need for users to log in and out of different company databases, and enables businesses to access a consolidated view of debtors, creditors and business analysis reporting. For existing Jim2 customers converting to Jim2 Multi-Company in a single database, the old databases will remain available to the team so users can access transaction history.

Jim2 Multi-Company is an ideal solution for:

  • businesses with the same base home currency
  • businesses requiring consolidation
  • businesses that trade with each other
  • businesses that are similar but have different ownership structures


Jim2 Multi-Company is not suitable for:

  • businesses that use different base home currencies 
  • businesses that require more than one account manager per customer across all businesses
  • businesses that use different types of GST calculations per business
  • businesses that use different stock codes that are not commonly shared across all businesses


We recommend adjusting the video quality setting on YouTube to 1080p for the best viewing experience.

For more information on setting up Multi-Company in Jim2 Version 4.5, contact our team or visit Jim2 Help.