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To be competitive, businesses need their service technicians to have the right information on demand, in real time while they’re out in the field.

Customers expect instant and accurate responses to requests for service. They want immediate access to all job information, and they expect high performance levels from these technicians.

To deliver the performance customers expect, and keep a business on par with competitors, technicians must be armed with the right information at the exact point of time needed to help turn every customer interaction into a satisfying experience for the customer, and a revenue generating opportunity for the business.

Technicians need to be able to update what parts are used as soon as the job is finished. Everyone back at the office can then instantly see what stock was used, and immediately order replacement stock.

You can give your team a competitive advantage with Jim2 Mobile, greatly increasing the efficiency of work processes and cutting down on technician idle time, effectively increasing billable hours and putting dollars back in your pocket by way of:

  • Boosting productivity with streamlined communications
  • Elimination of paperwork
  • Improving response time and decision-making in the field
  • Having complete visibility into job status and technician location
  • Raising customer satisfaction with first-time resolution
  • Lowering costs by reducing non-productive working times
  • Shortening billing cycles

It’s very important that you are supporting your team to help them do their jobs in the most efficient manner.

Businesses that equip their technicians with Jim2 Mobile will definitely achieve higher operational efficiency, and a far better bottom line.

The need to nurture, understand and respond to customers’ requirements is a definite advantage over the competition, and the natural next step forward for continued growth in business is to go Jim2 Mobile!

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