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We invite you to watch the Jim2 Scheduling Webinar, which shows how your business can use the scheduling tool, to help keep track of time and resources in Jim2.

In this webinar we covered: 

  • Using calendar views
  • Finding time that is available to schedule work
  • Record staff leave so everyone is aware
  • Creating scheduling for recurring tasks

The goal of leveraging the Scheduling tool in Jim2 is to capture time against your business operations. By creating tasks and having them entered into Scheduling, it can be established where there is going to by a bottle neck or unavailability and allow you to provide resource management.

By creating views that will help you see more easily the staff you have available for different tasks, you can more easily create a system that will allow you to know you can have tasks covered. Those tasks could be anything from meetings to phone calls, to job tasks, even the annual leave or sick leave of your staff. By having these entered into Jim2, you will always know who is available and when.  

During the webinar introduction, it was mentioned that previously we had touched on billable time in the Jim2 Stock Types Webinar – you can view that webinar here.

We recommend adjusting the video quality setting on YouTube to 1080p for the best viewing experience.

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Here is everything you need to know about Scheduling in Jim2:

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