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We invite you to watch the Introduction to Jim2 Stock Types Webinar, which presents the 10 different stock types available to use on jobs and quotes in Jim2.

The setting up of stock codes and associating them with a stock type should be carefully considered. Of the 10 different stock types available, you will learn how to best apply them and assist your business with increased productivity.

This Jim2 Stock Type webinar covers:

  • Definitions of the different stock types available in Jim2
  • How to apply the Packaging stock type
  • How to create task lists in Jim2 Jobs using the Applied stock type
  • Adding Virtual Stock onto Quotes
  • Journal stock type explained (with practical application)
  • How to keep tighter control of your manufacturing processes
  • The difference between Static and Dynamic Kitting stock types
  • How to use Kitting to reduce missed billing opportunities

We recommend adjusting the video quality setting on YouTube to 1080p for the best viewing experience.

Useful Resources

Here is everything you need to know about managing stock types in Jim2:

Jim2 Help Resources:

Past Webinar Resources:

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