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Because we believe in the importance of fully understanding how things work, we’ve made it easy for you to play with Jim2. All you have to do is use a training copy of your Jim2 database.

It’s a great way to train new staff, and test out ideas before doing things in your live database.

You can play around to your heart’s content, and if it breaks you can just restore it – no damage done!

The greatest gain in experimenting is that you’ll get to know and understand Jim2 much faster. Then you’ll feel more confident about what you’re doing within your live database. You can then confidently utilise all the great features to their fullest extent.

Play with the email rules and templates, and discover just how powerful this feature really is. It will save you so much time and money!

One very important point though – make sure you back up your current database before you start, then restore to the training database.

There’s plenty of helpful ‘How To’ documents on our support page, along with the built-in help file within Jim2 itself, so while you’re playing make sure you take advantage of these useful documents to help you gain a better understanding of what you’re doing – and what else you can do.

And remember, you can always email our support team for assistance!

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