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With every new release comes a new tweak to the Jim2 User Interface. And the upcoming update, Jim2 Version 4.3, is no different. Showing off a new clean, flat look, new search fields and new shortcuts.

Join us for a quick look at what’s new in the next update.

New Clean Flat UI Look

This release features a new clean, flat look which is particularly noticeable in the Jim2 Scheduler. With lighter lines and new auto-hide scroll bars, the latest look really lets you hone in on specific detail, and make the most of Jim2’s real estate.

Where Did My Scroll Bars Go?

New enhancements behind the scenes of Jim2 have added some lovely new features, like auto-hide scroll bars. When the scroll bar isn’t in use, it minimises to a fraction of its usual size. When you hover your mouse over it, magic! It’s maximised, and shows where you are in the list.

Can’t Find an Icon in the Jim2 Ribbon?

With so much contained within the Jim2 Ribbon, and new features being added every release, it can be tough to find icons in Jim2’s Ribbon tabs. Now they are much easier to find with the new Search Ribbon field available in the Quick Access Toolbar. Just start typing and you will soon see the option you are after.

New Shortcut to Create a Project List

For businesses that run multiple projects for a customer, we’ve added a new shortcut to CardFiles to create a project list for the customer. Just open a CardFile, hover over the Card Code and click to see this menu.

New Way to Add a Document

For businesses running Jim2 remotely using Jim2.Cloud, or via RDP, where they aren’t able to drag and drop new documents into Jim2 in the same way users running Jim2 on premises can.

Copy your document of choice, and make use of the clipboard, available in the Quick Access Toolbar, to add it to Jim2.

What’s Next?

There’s a number of awesome new features coming up in Jim2 Version 4.3, which are particularly exciting for sales and service teams. We will venture into these new additions to Jim2 in the coming days.

With the development team really close to wrapping up testing behind the scenes, we look forward to stepping through more features, and announcing the official release with you very soon.

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