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There is a wealth of information available in Jim2 and plenty of tricks available to maximise stock control using Jim2. We regularly send Quick Jim2 Tips to our users, here are a few handy tips to find inventory items with ease.

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Tip 1:  How can I quickly find specific stock on a quote, job, promotion, or purchase order?

Jim2 includes a sneaky little shortcut to search the stock grid for a stock code, stock description, quantity, and more.

Use the shortcut Ctrl+S to search the stock grid. Select the field dropdown for a complete list of the data you can search here.

Tip 2:  Do you have any niggly Jim2 stock codes that the team struggles to find? 

The great news is you can update the Jim2 stock code to a reference that better suits the company’s naming conventions. 

User security access is required to edit the stock code and all other existing information remains as-is for the stock.  

Tip 3:  Did you know that you can copy, move and merge stock, comments and actual labour from job to job or quote to quote?

This is a super handy trick for tidying up jobs and quotes in Jim2 – especially if you have ‘doubled up’.

It’s a copy, move, merge function that enables you to easily copy or move stock, comment and actual labour from one job to another, or one quote to another.

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Tip 4:  What’s the smartest way to order stock in Jim2?

Stock Procurement takes all the hard work out of trying to make sure you have the right mix of stock available.

Jim2 Stock Procurement is one of the smartest reorder reports you have ever used. It enables users to manage stock levels based on sales history, minimum/maximum quantities, and reorder triggers – it even knows what’s coming in so you don’t overstock or understock your shelves.

Its second superpower is it will even create purchase orders and stock transfers for you.

This tip puts analytics behind your restocking process and ensures you are ordering the right stock every time.

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Stock Procurement Animation


Tip 5:  How do I account for the inventory that our service technicians grab for the van to complete their onsite jobs?

Setting up your vans as a stock location and using a stock transfer from the warehouse to the van is a great solution.

Jim2 Stock Procurement and the ’transfers only’ option can tell you which stock is required for the jobs ahead. It captures the stock on hand that is to be transferred from location A to B right now.

Watch our quick video and try it out in your training database.

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Tip 6:  How to easily update your stock on hand calculations in Jim2

This is a great one to easily maintain stock levels based on sales history, minimum/maximum quantities, and reorder triggers.

Watch our quick video on stock procurement setup that steps through updating minimum quantities.

Our hot tip to update a group of stock:

Select a stock code and Ctrl+A to broaden the selection to all stock codes in your filtered list.

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Tip 7: Don’t undervalue your stock in Jim2. Link third party expenses such as freight and customs charges to reflect the true cost of stock in your business.

We call this landed costs, where you can link an expense order for these additional costs to a purchase order. Jim2 will proportion the additional costs either by value, quantity or weight.

This is the true COG (Cost of Good meaning Cost + expenses) as opposed to the Cost (Just cost from supplier) and therefore calculates the true margin for various selling price calculation methods, stock valuation and profit reporting.

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Tip 8: How to ensure you don’t sell inventory below a certain margin or worse, cost!

Jim2 Price Level Min Sale Price is a great safeguard that enables you to leverage off any of the pricing calculation methods to set a stock’s minimum sale price so inventory isn’t sold below cost.

Check the minimum sale price portion of our Jim2 Promotional Pricing webinar to learn how it works.

Tip 9: Did you know you can amend a stock code or card code in Jim2?

That’s right! Change CardCode and StockCode anytime and retain their history. It’s perfect if you don’t like the original code choice, perhaps a business has rebranded, or a stock code isn’t easily remembered by the team.

All you require is security enabled on your role profile to be able to change them.

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