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If you pay commission to your staff, you know how challenging it is to calculate the figures correctly. It’s just one of those complex, customised, and usually onerous tasks that require regular attention in your business.

With a list of included stock and formulas in hand, commissions are usually managed in spreadsheets, using calculators, and even pen and paper to calculate the closing sum.

What if commission could be managed within your business management software?

Well, it can be with Jim2 and new integrated Commission Sessions functionality.

Using this newest feature, streamline the process of calculating staff commissions, and free yourself up to work on growing your business.

Commission Sessions feature is very flexible, giving you numerous ways to calculate incentives:

  • at a job total or individual stock level,
  • based on sell price (including or excluding gst) or profit,
  • as a percentage or a dollar amount,
  • including or excluding particular stock from the framework.

Once your structure is down pat, you can run a Commission Session in Jim2 on a single employee or a group of employees, where you can flick through each job individually and review your commission calculations on individual stock lines.

Once the list of calculations has been reviewed on the Commission Session, just reconcile the list, and you’re done!

We’re excited to have improved this process for managers and staff.

For customers getting ready to upgrade, check out the Jim2 Business Engine Release Notes to learn how to set up Commission Sessions in your Jim2 Database or also find the new details in our Jim2 Online Help.

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