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We all know that it’s the sales team that is mostly responsible for business revenue, so it stands to reason that the more effective they are, the better the business is positioned within their industry, and the higher their profitability is.

To ensure profitability, businesses need to fully understand their sales team’s requirements and enable them with the information they need, as quickly as possible.

So, your sales people are focused on closing good quality sales, but if they’re struggling with too much paperwork, or don’t have the right tools to do things efficiently, they’re already behind the eight ball.

Customers really have the power of information at their fingertips. By the time potential clients actually meet the sales reps, they are already fairly clued up about what they’re after. And sales teams need to be able to respond very quickly to their needs.

Businesses must look to improve the speed and accuracy of the information they provide to deliver a personalised customer service approach. With the popularity of multimedia devices, businesses must look to make their operation as remote as the customers they serve, while maintaining the accuracy and current processes.

If your sales people can access all the right information off-site, they are in a much stronger position to seal the deal right then and there, instead of having to wait until they’re back in the office to complete their administration tasks. With mobile capabilities introduced to your business, your sales team are able to achieve higher sales quotas with a more efficient approach and spend more time converting leads to sales.

That leads to shorter sales cycles, less downtime and more face time with customers and prospects – and that equals more profit!

With traditional systems, quotes are usually raised back in the office after a sales rep has met with the customer. With Jim2 Mobile, there’s no delay. Quotes can be raised on site and approved at the same time.

Moving away from the desktop is a huge leap forward in how we do business – work is now no further away than our mobile phone.

Using Jim2 Mobile your sales team can check stock availability, inventory levels, pricing and delivery times – instead of making the customer wait until they’re back in the office. They can produce a quote, and get delivery/invoicing underway – on the spot.

All of this leads to an increase in responsiveness, productivity, efficiency – and sales.

It’s already evident that adoption of mobile has given many sales teams the ability to respond faster to the needs of their customers and prospects.

And our Jim2 Mobile clients have reported significant improvements to both sales figures and cost savings.

It’s abundantly clear that those sales reps who already use mobile have achieved their sales quotas much faster than those who don’t!

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