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Keeping track of incoming vendor stock can be a minefield. You know when it’s ordered, you know when it arrives, but keeping up to date with progress between those two points can be difficult to pass on to your team.

New enhancements to Jim2 Purchase Orders give staff a new field to view the vendor stock due date at a line level.


Once you get an update from your vendor, pop in the date to the purchase order to assist tracking by other users.

With stock, jobs, and purchase orders linked in Jim2, staff can open new Jim2 Stock Flow to see a line-by-line match-up of inventory with the purchase order number and due date with the job number and job due date. Stock Flow keeps everyone up to date.

Sort by the vendor, by date, by job due date, customer, and account manager.

Jim2 Jobs also have a new PO Due column added to the stock grid, so jobs with linked purchase orders also provide due date information, in addition to purchase order number and location.

For customers getting ready to upgrade, check out the details in our Jim2 Online Help to start using Stock Flow in Jim2 today.

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