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A busy service team and popular interest in your products needs great business software to grow. It’s important your software captures every detail for the sales and service teams.

Jim2 jobs and quotes include tools to track user comments, email correspondence (including documents) to and from staff, schedule meetings and call reminders, add labour timers to track actual labour, and use workflow status to see where job/quotes are at for these teams.

New Copy/Move/Merge Functionality

With such a wealth of information captured on jobs and quotes, there are times when this data needs to be reorganised.

Sales staff identify that a single quote is best managed by splitting its contents into multiple quotes.

A service coordinator uncovers that two jobs in the service queue for a customer are in fact the same request reported by two different contacts.

When comments, labour and stock lines need to be redistributed across jobs and quotes in Jim2, users will soon have the new Copy/Move/Merge feature in Jim2 Version 4.3 to lessen administration of moving information, with new tools to streamline the process.

Here’s a quick overview of each action:


This feature is used to duplicate stock lines from one object to another.

Hot tip! User must have the destination object in Edit mode to copy.

End result: Quote A and Quote B have the selected stock lines.

Copy can be used to copy stock between jobs, quotes and templates (including combinations of these).


Move stock lines, labour and comments (including emails) from one object and to another object.

End result: Take stock lines, labour or comments from Job A and move it to Job B. Job A will no longer show the selected lines.


Merge all stock, labour and comments (including emails) from Job A into Job B, which sees Job A change to status of CANCEL.

End result: Job A has no stock lines, comments or labour and is now cancelled. Job B lists its original stock lines, comments and labour, plus the lines merged from Job A. Job B’s workflow status remains as is.

Hot tip! User must have the destination object in View mode to move or merge.

Move/Merge can be used from job to job, or quote to quote.

Stock Pricing

Since pricing is always carried over to the destination, the background colour in the price fields highlight which pricing template has been used, and staff can recalculate pricing now it’s been moved over.

At the official release of Jim2 Version 4.3, our Jim2 Online Help will feature all the instructions to use Copy/Move/Merge. Just hit F1.

What’s next?

This is a great new feature to Jim2 that we can’t wait to unveil. The development team are putting the final touches on the upcoming release, Jim2 Version 4.3. In the meantime, we’ll continue to delve into the new features and enhancements coming soon to Jim2 users at our website.

Once we release, all information will be available to all customers at the Latest Update page.

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